Students in 3rd-5th took an anonymous survey regarding their personal online usage.
Students in this grade are roughly age 8-11.
Nearly all social media platforms have a minimum age restriction of 13+.
I encouraged students to be honest with their answers because no one would know how they replied.
Many students openly talked about choices they were making online and it led to amazing discussions.
I'm posting the results here for families to look at in hopes that it will start some conversations at home. 
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Language Is A Virus Visual Poetry
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Internet Safety/Digital Citizenship
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 Fold 'N Fly Kids Memory sheppard software sumdog
Here are some activities to keep you from feeling bored over this extended break:
-Create a Stop Motion Video
-Do your school work :)
-Learn to write in Cursive
-Paper airplanes
-Typing challenge against a family member
-Use your non-dominant hand for a change 
-Teach someone younger how to tie their shoes
-Pull weeds in the yard, the fresh air is good for you
-Write a letter to someone
-Write letters to a lot of people
-Learn a new skill like drawing, crochet, or knitting
-Write out a play and act it out
-Write a story, song, or poem
-Find a room in your house that needs cleaned
(clean it up even if the mess isn't yours)
-Wash the windows
-Read a book
-Read a lot of books
-Learn to play checkers, chess, yahtzee, or another fun game
-Put a puzzle together with your family
-Learn a new dance
-Turn up the music and have a dance party
-Build a blanket fort
-Learn how to braid
-Do an art project
-Do several art projects
-Learn a new language
(there are a lot of resources online)
-Learn Morse Code
-Solve a word search or crossword puzzle
-Make your own word search or crossword puzzle
-Learn about planting a garden.
If you don't have a yard learn about container gardens and gardening in small spaces.
-Learn about Hydroponic gardening & start a project
-Build a terrarium 
-Start a journal
-Try yoga
-Do a coloring page
-Research your family history and make a family tree chart
-Play Tic Tac Toe
-Learn to sew on a button or mend a hole
-Cook or bake something with an adult
-Rock Paper Scissors
-Tie Dye something with a grown up
-Have a sock puppet show
-Learn how to play an instrument
-Call a friend
-Make a bird feeder
-Draw a picture BLINDFOLDED
-Make a self portrait
-Help wash and put away laundry
-Secretly do kind things for people in your house
-Create and solve a nature scavenger hunt
-Create an indoor scavenger hunt
-Learn all 50 US States
-Learn the Capital of each of those States
-Study the planets of the solar system
-Alphabetize something in your house like books, spices, crayons, etc.
-Use sidewalk chalk to write inspirational messages outside
-Run laps around your backyard
-Make homemade playdough
-Make a sundial outside
-Learn how to juggle
-Learn about the planets and constellations 
-Have a picnic with your stuffed animals
-Using Minecraft Education, build Central Elementary from memory