Otis Spunkmeyer Catalog Fundraiser Begins****click for details

Prizes begin for selling 3 items, Bring in coupons for items ordered and get a KungFu collectible. Earn a pizza party by selling 10 or more items. Teachers can receive rewards for highest class participation. 
Please return orders and money to Central on Monday, March 15th with the student and teacher's name included.

How to Participate:
  • Register at www.ShopFund.com
    Share with ShopFund.com Family & Friends.
  • Share with 5 or more supporters.
    Get as many orders as possible.
  • You can Shop & Pay at www.ShopFund.com.
    Pay with credit/debit or Text PAY to 833-858-8585.
  • Orders can ship to buyers' home 
Thank you again for partnering with Central by participating in our catalog fundraiser.