Mrs. Carter

Us againMrs. Carter

My name is Mrs. Carter. I am a third grade teacher at Central Elementary School in Nampa. This is a great job for me because I love to teach and I love to learn. I have earned my Bachelor's degree in Art and my Master's degree in Teaching. I live in Nampa with my husband of 10 years, our daughter, 2 hound dogs, and my cat. I enjoy singing, hunting, fishing, water sports, bicycling, doing crafts, hanging out with my dogs, going to the movies with my husband, and doing anything with my family. 

My familyUslucy and lincoln     

    In the classroom, I have very high expectations. I expect that learners give their best effort. I promise to give my best effort too. Part of giving our best is being respectful of everyone around us. The one rule in our classroom is RESPECT. If we are all respectful to each other, learning comes much more easily and can be what it is meant to be: enjoyable! Showing respect to each other helps us build a healthy and enjoyable learning environment where every member of the classroom is valued. 

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I am excited about this year and hope that you feel free to contact me with any questions that you might have.