Mrs Raass * Computers

Each year I stress only ONE rule in the Computer Lab
for everyone to follow when they step foot in the door. 
I explain my logic this way:
If students are talking when I'm talking, that's not amazing.
If they're wandering around the room, that's not amazing.
If they're taking care of the equipment, that is amazing.
If they are staying on task and using inside voices, 
well then, that is also amazing!

It's pretty simple to make good choices in the computer lab and together we are all going to work on being amazing every day.

We will be learning the in's and out's of our technology equipment and some of the assignments might seem hard or challenging at first, (learning to type without looking at your hands for instance is HARD!) but the rewards of that hard work and perseverance are GREAT!
I tell each class that they can do hard things. They are smart, they are amazing, and they are going to be fantastic in this lab!

Click over to the RESOURCES page and you'll find a list of websites that we will be using for learning, and for fun.  We will be adding to it throughout the year.
**Students, if you've got internet access at home you should be able to access all or most of these sites from there as well in your free time with parent permission. Enjoy

We will also be adding to our Elementary Explorers Page as the year progresses so check back to see more about that later!