Week 9 10/17/16-10/21/16This week we are going to learn about agriculture and read about planting gardens in our realistic fiction story, "The Ugly Vegetables." We will also read about produce in an informational text called, "They really are GIANT!" Our vocabulary words this week are; blooming, shovels, wrinkled, tough, plain, nodded, muscles, and scent. With your child take turns discussing different types of gardens and how they can be the same or different. Our phonics focus is on words with double consonant letters and the ck letter pattern. Every Friday we have a spelling test. This weeks spelling words are; dress, spell, class, full, add, doll, neck, stuck, rock, trick, kick, black. Please practice these words everyday. A reading log also will go home with your child today. 

Spelling words:
dress, spell, class, full, add, doll, neck, stuck, rock, trick, kick, black.

September 19- 23 Spelling Pattern: Long Vowels u, o, e
Story: Diary of a Spider
1. doze
2. nose
3. use
4. rose
5. pole
6. close
7. cute
8. woke
9. mule
10. rode
11. role
12. tune
13. home
14. joke

15. wrote
16. ice cube

Vocabulary Words: insects, dangerous, scare, sticky, rotten, screaming, breeze, judge 
High-Frequency Words:
cheer, mind, hundred, with, could, hello, play, read, see, today
Grammar: What is a noun? 

9/12-9/16 Speling pattern: Long a and i 
1. cake
2. size
3. mine
4. plate
5. ate
6. grape
7. prize
8. wipe
9. race
10. line
11. pile
12. rake 
13. gave
14. bike

15. mistake
16. while 

Vocabulary Words:
mammal, hairy, litter (3 meanings), stayed, canned, chews, clipped, coat
High-Frequency Words:
children, bring, comes, do, family, like, make, those, use, with

9/5/16-9/9/16 Spelling Words- Short Vowels o, u, e

1. wet
2. job
3. hug
4. rest
5. Spot
6. mud
7. left 
8. help
9. plum
10. nut
11. net 
12. hot 
13. get 
14. not