Flexible Seating

Flexible Seating 

With the anticipation of the Nampa Personalized Learning Initiative (1:1 iPads in our classrooms), I have spent quite a bit of time researching “21st Century” classrooms..  I  researched the effects of classroom design on student performance.  This led me to the concept of flexible seating.   According to research I found, alternative seating:

  • Helps students’ attention spans
  • Makes students more actively engaged in the classroom
  • Gives them an active outlet without disrupting their learning
  • Makes them more physically fit
  • Motivates students to want to come to school
  • Helps those with ADHD and autism, along with other special needs
  • Helps develop a sense of community among the students which improves their social skills
  • Helps them become independent learners
  • Is LOVED by both the students and teachers  

My findings were enough to convince me to go for it.  I spent the last part of the summer “transforming” my classroom.  So this year, your child’s classroom with be an “alternative seating” classroom.  Most of the desks in our classroom are gone (including my own).  Students will be assigned a spot to sit on our mat for whole class instruction, but during “work” time, seating will be flexible.  There are still a few traditional desks and tables with chairs for learners who work best with that option, but I have also set up a variety of other options as well.  Students will be able to work standing up, sitting or even lying down.   

Individual student supplies will be placed in baskets and on shelves so that they have access to them throughout the day. 

I will be teaching students how to choose a “SMART SPOT”  that is most conducive to their learning style. 

Classrooms across the nation are changing the way student work spaces look, for the better!  I am excited to do this in my classroom and I hope that you are too.  I believe that “flexible seating” will help your child be the best that they can be.  If you interested in reading some research to support flexible seating, please ask me. 

Thanks for your support.  I look forward to a great year!  

Mrs. Plummer

Here is a photo of my 1st Grade 2016-2017 Classroom:  

Classroom 2016-2017

Watch the video link below to take a look inside my 1st Grade Classroom: 

Mrs. Plummer's 2016-2017 Flexible Seating Classroom

Here are Our "Flexible Seating" Expectations:   
Flexible Seating Expectations