Mrs. Plummer

Mrs. Plummer

Hello! My name is Julie Plummer.  I started my career in education as a student teacher at Central Elementary in January 2001.  I absolutely LOVED it… and I am still here!    After graduating From Boise State in December 2002, I accepted a position assisting the reading specialist.  That semester, I learned from teachers and students in every grade level as I worked with them all.  It was a great experience.

My teaching experience as a classroom teacher started the 2002-2003 school year, teaching 4th grade.  I was thrilled because as a child, 4th grade was my favorite year.  I taught 4th grade for five years.  I loved watching my students grow and mature as they learned.  I remember being so impressed with the depth that our discussions would take us… they were teaching me as well!

I moved to a 1st grade classroom in 2007 and I have been here ever since.  This will be my tenth year teaching 1st grade.  I love watching my students figure out how to become “learners”.  Learning how to read is the “BIGGIE” in 1st grade.  Teaching kids to read comes with its  challenges… but it is also very rewarding.  It is amazing to see the growth that these little ones have in just one short year….they become readers! 

This year, Central is in Phase 1 of Nampa Personalized Learning.  That means that we will be working with 1:1 iPad Devices in the classroom.  I have  the opportunity to be one of the Vanguard Teachers, receiving early training with the Doceo Center at NNU.   I am excited for the changes that are coming our way.  It will be an exciting year as we bring education to the 21st Century.   

With the anticipation of the Nampa Personalized Learning, I have spent quite a bit of time researching “21st Century” classrooms. This lead me to the idea of "flexible seating" and ultimately to transforming my classroom to accommodate all of the learning styles and skills of 21st Century learners. When you step into my classroom, you will not see the traditional rows or groups of desks.  Instead you will a variety of alternative seating options. There are tables for collaboration, standing desks with wobble boards and even a table low to the ground with mats for sitting or kneeling.  There are bucket seats, ball chairs and pillows.  There are clip boards, lap-desks and plenty of comfortable spots on the floor for students to work.  I am excited to see how my classroom transformation will change the way my students are able to learn.  If you would like to learn more about Flexible Seating in my classroom, be sure to click on the link.