Web Quest

5th Grade Math
Web Quests!
Welcome to the 5th grade web quest page. In your group, follow the instructions and submit your answer via email to jderr@nsd131.org 

How much does it cost?
You are going to buy several items of each. Search online to find the cost of each item (use the price that is dollars and cents, not whole dollars).
Purchase 2 laptops
Purchase 3 electric pencil sharpeners
Purchase 5 coats
Purchase 4 pairs of shoes 
Purchase 6 pairs of gloves
Purchase 1 present for your teacher!

Quest #2 Party Time!
You are hosting a party for 20 people. You need to serve a main dish (Ideas: hamburger, cheese burger, hot dogs, chicken, steak), a side dish (Ideas: salad, chips, fruit) and a drink (Ideas: cans of pop, cups and juice).
What will the total cost be? What will it cost for each person?
Search online for prices for the food you choose.

Shopping for school supplies:
It is time for a new school year. You need to shop for the following supplies:

* A winter coat
* 3 pairs of pants
* 2 packages of socks
* 4 short sleeve shirts
* 3 long sleeve shirts/sweatshirts
* Gloves and a hat

Look online for the cost of each product. You may look at more than one site to get the best deal. First estimate the total, then find the exact total. 

I have 7 pounds of candy that I want to share with my 22 students. If each students gets 2/3 of a pound, do I have enough for all the students? Show your work and explain.

Place the following numbers on a number line. 
4/5, 1/10, 2/5, 7/10, 9/10, 1/5, 2/5, 3/5, 7/10, 3/10, 2/5, 1/2
1 - What is the difference between the highest number and lowest?
2 - What is the total of all the fractions?
3 - What number is shown the most? 

I have a garden. 5/8 of the garden is tomato and 2/3 of that is roma tomatoes. What is the fraction of roma tomatoes?

I am going to make milkshakes! I have 24 bananas and it takes 2/7 of a banana for each milkshake. How many milkshakes can I make?
You went to the store to buy candy. You bought 3 2/3 pounds of chocolate, 2 3/4 pounds of jolly ranchers, 4 1/2 pounds of peanut clusters, and 1 7/12 pounds of raisins. What is the total?

It is time to do baking! You are going to make cookies for your teacher!
Here are the ingredients:
1 1/2 cups of sugar
2 3/4 cups of flour
2 5/8 cups of chocolate chips
1/8 cup of vanilla
1 1/4 cup of butter

1 - What is the total amount of ingredients you are using (in cups)?
2 - Wait! You are going to make a batch for each of the teachers, triple the amount of each ingredient.

Web Quest Decimals and PI!
Read the book, Dragon of Pi. Solve the following problems dealing with area and circumference of a circle. 
Problem #1
A circle has a diameter of 14 inches.
Problem #2
A circle has a radius of 3.7 inches.

Remember Pi = 3.14
the area of a circle is pi x radius x radius
the circumference of a circe is pi x diameter
Tart With Cherry.png

Quest #1 Math Interventions

What am I going to put in the box???
Pick a size for a box (whole number greater than 10 inches on each side). Remember it is three dimensional. First find the volume of the box, then determine through research at least 5 things (can be several of one thing) that will fill your box as full as possible. Example: radio with a volume of 60 inches. Can you fit another radio? or another item?

You are going to carpet your house! Each of the five rooms in your house will get new carpet. Every measurement must be a mixed number. Find the area of each room (example 8 3/4 feet by 12 7/8 feet. Research online to find the price per square foot of the carpet to calculate the cost of each room and the total cost.

Quest #3 What would you buy??
Congratulations! You have just won $5,000.00! You are going on a shopping trip. Research items online and purchase at least 10 different items (more than one of each item can be purchased if you have the money available). Explain what led you to purchase the items you chose. Show your work (including subtracting all amounts) on a piece of paper and turn in your paper to Mr. Derr for proof of completion. You are working on your own for this quest.