Central Student Council
Welcome to the new student council for the school year 2017-201!
Student Council
Mrs. Verstopppen - Mia, Johnny, Alex
Ms. Joanna - Ileana
Mr. Derr - Luxxie, Malakai, Justice
Mrs. Craner - Taylor, Nina, Marissa
Mrs. Vincent - Jonathan, Pax, Megan

    Things to do!

  • We will be sponsoring a information booth at Math Night January 25th. 
  • Meeting every Monday at 1:50 in Mr. Derr's room. 
  • Discuss community service projects including: school grounds improvement. Members will do the necessary research then present to the group.   
  • The school will be inviting us to help around the school. Remember to keep up on your school work and be a role model for others!